This One Strong O!! Lord’s Chosen Church Launches Aircraft-Looking Vehicle For Evangelism In Lagos (Photos)


The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries has launched a new ‘aircraft’ to carry out evangelism in Lagos state.

It is what can actually be considered as a land craft but was designed to look like an aircraft that doesn’t fly.

The newly acquired land craft was dedicated by Pastor Amadi Chidozie, the Lagos State coordinator of The Lord’s Chosen Church.

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According to the church, the land craft was constructed and launched in order to aid the members during evangelism and publicity.

Members of the The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries have been heavily criticized by Nigerians in time past for their “aggressive” mode of publicity and this is just another proof that they are not planning to stop anytime sooner.

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Just last month, members of the church in Warri, Delta State were seen holding an ‘acrobatic’ form of publicity in the city. They were captured displaying different characters including those who sat on the wet ground.

In other publicities, members of the church have been spotted dressed as Spiritual Soldiers with the theme of waging war against every evil across the land.

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These publicity stunts seem to be working for the church as they are one of the most talked about charismatic movements across Nigeria


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