Lil AK (AKA DJ Akademiks) – Clout Chaser EP


Lil AK (AKA DJ Akademiks) – Clout Chaser EP Download

DJ Akademiks announced a few days ago that he’d be delivering a Christmas Day present for the fans, in the form of a proper mixtape. The mixtape is available across streaming services and YouTube, featuring four songs that all latch on to the various rap trends of our time. You know, a little bit of auto-tune, a little bit of melody, a little bit of trap, a little bit of bangers. Does he pull it off masterfully?

The EP, Clout Chaser, debuts with the short “Chug Jug,” at under 2 minutes in length, it hits the short-attention-span sweet spot. It’s an eerie production with some Turbo-esque guitar production (but undoubtedly, Turbo does it better…*shrug emoji*). In the song, Lil Ak is all about flexing, whether it’s money, cars, clubs, or hoes. He’s got it all.

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1. Chug Jug

2. Durag

3. Super Lit

4. Celina

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