“I Discovered Banana Island” – Kiddwaya’s Dad, Terry Waya Reveals His Source Of Income (WATCH)


Now, most people question the fact that even with his wealth he did not show himself not until his son made him come out.

However, on this note, it quite different another story because kiddwaya’s father blows the air with his statement, saying he discovered the popular luxury Banana Island which is located in Lagos.

In his statement:-

The contract was hired to him, he got the contract to developed the Banana Island for Lagos, Nigeria commercial capital alongside Chagoury.

Banana Island is a man made that covers close to 1,630,000 square metres and divided it into 536 plots. Terry Waya claims the jobs was given to him before hand over to Chagoury to complete the job.

Watch the Interview below:-

Now, you all have known how Terry Waya made his money…

Not every Rich men are involved in shady deals or frauds, let’s change the way we think.

From the video you just finished watching 👇


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