A 13 year Old Girl Gets The Beating Of Life For Cooking Yam In Ikorodu. – Nedu Wazobia Reacts


.Popular Nigerian OAP and Instagram comedian Nedu Wazobia fm also know as Alhaji Musa reacts to the video of a 13 years old girl who was seriously beaten by her aunty in Ikorodu.

According to reports, the little girl was starved for three days so she decided to cook some yam for herself, this did not go well with her aunty who beat her straight one hour .

Nedu Wrote :
This made me cry so hard this morning.

This girl here is just 13 years old living around Ikorodu area of Lagos with her aunty as a house help, the same aunty allegedly starved her for 3days without food and just because she ate two pieces of yam she saw in the house yesterday this aunty had to pounce on this girl beating her for close to one hour between 12midnite to 1am when no one could help.

As I speak with you, I am handling this issue on my radio show on wazobia so we can see how to help save this girl.
She’s begging that she needs to get back to her parents cos the suffering is too much for her.

My question is…how can a human being do this to another person.

@matthias_cfr thanks for bringing this to my notice



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