A certain young man has gone on twitter to reveal that he has found love in a single mom who is 19 years older than he is after going through 14 failed relationships.

He divulged further saying that though his girlfriend who is a single mother is not from a wealthy background, however she is better than every girl he has been with in the past.

He wrote;

“A guy of 25 years old, in love with a 35 year old divorcee, not much of a beauty but hard working, isn’t that what guys should be exploring? instead of chasing teenage/early 20 year old beautiful girls who just care about the luxury and not true love

I had exactly 14 failed relationships, and rich girls, middle class girls, beautiful, ugly, yorubas, igbos, edos, hausas and fulanis, but all of my age rate. And the longest relationship was a year and a half and shortest was 3 weeks.

But now, to all my crushers, and friends and family, I have been dating a lady over 4 months now and for the first time #IFoundLove to a baby mama, 19 years older than me, not from a wealthy background but better than any girl i ever come across”

After 14 failed relationships, young man finds love with a single mom, 19yrs older than him


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