Banky W

Singer and House of Reps aspirant, Banky W and wife are waging war on Twitter on a certain Miriam Shehu who accused the couple of collecting bride to campaign for Buhari.

It all started when the Twitter user fired at Banky W for pretending to be non-partisan and accused him and his wife of collecting N57 million to campaign for President Buhari. She claimed that the couple travelled to Abuja sometime in December to sign the alleged contract.

According to her, Banky converted his music label to a PR firm and got a contract from one Abubakar Ahmed to promote Buhari for the up-coming elections. She questioned the singer why he has failed to do his work despite being paid handsomely for it.

Miriam went further to state that she has a photo of the couple boarding the flight in which they flew business class, paid for by the facilitator of the alleged contract.

Read her post below:

A furious Banky immediately responded to the allegations and denied ever signing such a contract. He boldly stated that he has never collected any money to do anything for the president and all Miriam said and lies and all libelous claims to defame his good name.

Read his response below:

Banky’s wife, Adesua refused to keep mum. She, who was also accused with her husband responded in a series of tweet, also denying the grave allegation.

She stated that herself and her hubby were in Abuja in December for and event with EU and did not sign any such contract as claimed by Miriam.

Read her posts below:


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