Former Housemate, Isolomo has joined the social media conversation on whether or not housemate, Tacha shoould be disqualified from the house, after her clash with Mercy earlier today.

Recall there was a bitter clash this morning, that almost went all physical.. We saw Tacha pulling Mercy’s wig, and the latter picking up the iron.

Tacha vs Mercy Fight

Isilomo who has always given an excuse for Tacha’s ‘attitude’, has said she can no longer condone Tacha’s attitude. She says, Mercy flipping her hair is not an excuse to act like a barbarian.

Admitting that she always made excuses for Tacha before now, the reality show star who was one of the first housemates to be evicted commended Mercy for her self control.

Read Isilomo’s tweets below;

“If we are being fair here, Tacha should leave this house this morning .what nonsense, to physically put your hands on another housemate?? BULL SH*T.”

“I really really really Commend mercy. That’s level of self control? I don’t think I’d have had it”

“So mercy flipped her hair in her face and that is an excuse to act like a barbarian???. Once you are physical first you have already lost the argument….against my better judgment I always make excuses for Tacha, but today she should GET THE F**K!!!”


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