Nollwyood Star Chika Ike Reveals Why Her Dad Rejected Her At Birth

Beautiful Nollywood actress, filmmaker and Harvard trained entrepreneur, Chikadebia Nancy Ike simply known as Chika Ike, has made some startling revelations about herself, coupled with the secrets behind her successes in the movie and business worlds.

The Anambra-born actress, who recently released a book titled Boss Up, said during a chat with Nigerian Tribune that her father rejected her at birth because he did not want a female child.

She further stated that her full name Chikadebia which means “My God is bigger than a soothsayer” was given to her following the circumstances surrounding her birth.

When asked: “Beside your journey, what else did you talk about in Boss Up?”

She said: “There are about five sections in Boss Up. I talked about Chikadibia. That is my full name. It means that my God is greater than the soothsayers. My name was given to me because of the events that happened during my birth. My mother went through a lot. I was rejected at birth by my father. He didn’t want a girl. I lived with this thought all my life. I talked about this rejection and other challenges I faced growing up. I talked about the pressure, the self-esteem issues I had as a child. I always tell people l hate my comfort zone. I push myself constantly. I do things that people do not expect me to do. So, I talked about the business world. People think I like money. But the truth is I don’t like to fail. I grew up with nothing, so I always push myself to be that person everybody doubted I would become. So, I always want to learn more, I always want to give more. So, I spoke about the tricks and tips of having a successful business.

On her worst moments in life?

The actress said: “I once struggled to pay my rent, I was told no a lot of times, I had so many doors slammed at my face. I didn’t get to where I am today by just being a pretty face or being an actress. I got a lot of rejections in my life. Even till now, I still get no. It is normal. You will get no all your life. That is what Boss Up is about.”

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