The tight knit bond between popular musician Davido and his uncle Senator Adeleke cannot be overemphasized. The Osun state gubernatorial election held earlier proves this much.

On this note, the singer has come out to debunk the rumour that the senator was dead.

This rumour has presumably been taking wings and flying to corners it ought not to reach. Upon catching whiff of it, Davido quickly took to dispelling it with the assertion that his uncle Senator Adeleke was dead. The 25-year-old singer took to his Instagram page to make this clear to the general public.

Davido debunks rumour that his uncle Senator Adeleke is dead

He shared a picture of himself with the senator and then went on to write a caption that stated that he was still alive. Not only that, the Nwa Baby crooner took to insulting those who had wished his uncle dead.

Apparently, the people who spread the rumour about the death of Senator Adeleke had heard about the death of a certain Adeleke who slumped in Murtala Mohammed Airport. They must have assumed that it was the same Senator Adeleke that died.

The caption he wrote revealed this much. He said,

“Reports that Senator Ademola Adeleke is dead are false! He is very alive and healthy! Those wishing death upon him, we did not wish you the same. We will be getting our mandate back very soon! Nigeria must change!”


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