DJ Switch Presents Her Story On Lekki Shooting With International Community


The protest lasted for several days, into weeks, and finally, the federal government succumbed to pressure and scrapped the group.

They later changed the name to SWAT.

However, youths went on to protest against bad governance from elected persons in office. The government would have non of that and will later send armed soldiers to disperse protesters.

That night was the day the Nigerian flag was smeared with blood. Blood of young Nigerians who were demanding a better country, better standard of living, jobs, hospitals, schools etc.

Armed soldiers shot and killed young Nigerians. Several ‘John Doe’s’ at the hospitals but the government would blatantly deny.

DJ Switch turned to InstaLive during this shooting. After that, she was hunted by the government to ensure her story does not get out.

However, she is here sharing her own side of the story to the international community.


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