Driver Who Picked Up Ronaldo’s R*pe Accuser, Reveals What She Did That Same Night


A former chauffeur says the British woman who accused Ronaldo of r*pe in 2005 told him she was “happy and excited” after having s*x with the star.

Police who probed the alleged attack dropped the case after Vince Humphrey gave a statement.

Detectives are under heavy pressure to re-open it following claims by an American woman that the football superstar r*ped her in 2009.

Vince told how the woman had shown no sign of distress and boasted to him about the Portuguese forward’s “incredible body”.

He said: “The woman who made that claim was giggling and happy and excited after leaving his hotel room.

“She said he was lovely.

“She was so excited she even told me what she’d call her future children with Ronaldo.

“A few days later I heard that she had told police Ronaldo r*ped her. I was in shock and bewildered.”

Driver Who Picked Up Ronaldo's R*pe Accuser, Reveals What She Did That Same Night

Ronaldo was quizzed by detectives for nine hours. The CPS later dropped the case.

Vince had picked up the woman his silver Mercedes E-Class from the five-star Sanderson Hotel in Marylebone, central London, in October 2005.

He said: “She gushed about his aftershave and incredible body. She called him ‘fantastic and fit’.”

Ronaldo now faces another rape allegation.

Kathryn Mayorga, 34, claims he attacked her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

He thrashed out a £287,000 settlement with her in 2010, but she now says she only signed because she was “terrified of retaliation” from him.

Source: The Sun UK


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