DSS, Police Arrest Cultist For Dehumanizing TikTok User


The Department of State Services (DSS) and the police have caught a presumed cultist in Edo.

Keen is supposedly an individual from the Neo-Black Movement (NBM) prominently known as Aye Confraternity or Ax Men.

Last week, he and associates found a female TikTok client, Perry1056, for copying NBM ‘petitions’, tunes and slangs.

The person in question, whose whereabouts are obscure, was taken to an uncompleted structure in a road along Covenant street.

Perry disclosed to her detainers that she found out with regards to NBM exercises while in a relationship with a person.

Admitting, Smart attempted to make light of his job yet conceded he was one of the guys. The suspect uncovered the names of accessories.

“We were six: Osahomen, Kparapos, Asoro, John and Odion. They live at Idowina. I don’t know where the girl lives. We took her from Polingo where she works.

“I don’t know the girl. It was one of my friends who said he knew her. He complained that she made a video singing Aye’s songs.

“He played the video and pointed the girl. I said I wasn’t sure…I wasn’t there when they stripped her, it was later I saw her naked. Nobody had sex with her”

He claimed.

The founder of Behind Bars, Harrison Gwamnishu said security agencies were on the trail of the remaining suspects.

“Kudos to the Nigeria Police, Department of State Security, and Edo State Behind Bars Team for their swift response.

“To those who warned me to stay clear from this case, dare stop me on the way and that marks the end of your existence.

“We all must stop legalizing illegality and stop justifying abnormalities in this unjust system”,


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