Manchester City playmaker, Kevin De Bruyne, has backed the club’s new signing, Rodri, to succeed at Etihad after joining Pep Guardiola’s side from Atletico Madrid earlier this month.

DAILY POST had reported that Rodri became Manchester City’s club-record signing when he joined the Premier League champions from Atletico Madrid for £62million.

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola signed the 23-year-old with the idea he would be the long-term replacement for Fernandinho at Etihad.

But De Bruyne believes Rodri is the right man to replace Fernandinho at Man City’s defensive midfield role.

“I think Rodri is doing really well,” De Bruyne was quoted by Goal as saying ahead of Man City’s Community Shield against Liverpool on August 4.

“Obviously it’s a position that is really difficult to find but I think they definitely found the right man.

“He has got time enough to settle in and I think he is going to do well.”


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