It’s no secret that celebrities don’t always love their co-stars, but these 15 pairs of stars will shock you with their feuds. Whether they were magic onscreen and nightmares off or just plain crazy with the way they behaved toward one another, these are the rivalries that take the cake:1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes

While it may seem impossible to resist the charms of young Leonardo DiCaprio, that’s exactly what happened with his Romeo + Juliet co-star, Claire Danes. The sixteen year old actress reportedly found the heartthrob, known to be somewhat of a prankster on set, to be too immature, spending as much time as possible away from him behind the scenes; he thought she was too uptight. At least they found chemistry onscreen!

2. Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

Even though they made one of the greatest couples we’ve seen in a movie in quite some time (and went on to become a real life couple we totally loved), Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling tooootally did not get along on the set of The Notebook.

Director Nicholas Cassavetes has discussed Gosling’s struggles with McAdams, recalling the actor asking for someone else to read lines with him off-camera because he couldn’t work with McAdams. At one point, the two were put in a room with a producer, screamed and shouted at one another, and emerged from the room ready to commence with filming. Cassavetes says that even though it was not all smooth sailing from there, it was smoother.


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