The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has claimed that the federal government did not place a ban on tramadol and cough syrup containing codeine. Chairman of PSN in Rivers State, Wale Oladigbolu, made the declaration yesterday while addressing journalists as part of activities marking the 2018 World Pharmacists Day in Port Harcourt. Oladigbolu said the federal government only put on holds the production and importation of codeine-containing cough syrup.

He said: “They were not actually banned; it was an erroneous information. What the minister said that time was to put on holds production and importation of codeine-containing cough syrup. “In order words, in pharmacies, there are certain quantities that we use. We have to report to the regulatory authorities that this is the quantity I am having and from there, they monitor the sales and dispensing of those products.

That is what happened to codeine-containing syrup. “On tramadol, it was never actually banned. Tramadol is still very central to healthcare delivery in Nigeria. But, the use has to be under controlled-conditions.”

The PSN chairman stated that pharmacists and other health-related professionals have resolved to work together to improve health care system in Nigeria. Oladigbolu said: “Incidentally, today, I just received a letter of interprofessional collaboration.
We have seen that the path we are towing is not in the benefit of the public and it is not also to our benefit. So, we have decided to work together for the good of the nation.”


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