After battling emotional tremor after the multiple deaths of his friend last year, and many controversies surrounding his celebrated romance with girlfriend, Chioma Rowland, another trouble maybe in the horizon for the Omo Baba Olowo as an up and coming artiste, Owolabi Oluwasegun also known as X-Lyte, has accused him, his producer, Fresh VDM of defrauding him.

According to the budding singer who said his quest for stardom influenced his decision to feature Davido on one of his songs, he paid Davido’s producer, Fresh VDM, who was supposed to produce the song, an undisclosed amount of money but later refused to fulfill his promise of getting Davido to feature on his song as agreed.

In a chat, X-Lyte, who is currently a student of Babcock University, explained to Potpourri how it all happened and why he decided to expose Davido. “The title of my song is ‘Feature Davido’.
The music is about all the things I have encountered on my way to achieving my dream. I just felt that ‘Feature Davido’ would bring me to limelight because Davido is highly respected and people love to hear his voice.

So I met Fresh VDM one-on-one, we negotiated and he told me to pay to a DMW crew member whose name I don’t want to mention. I paid the money in Davido’s house, but I cannot go to his house to arrest him. The guy I paid the money to blocked me on WhatsApp and stopped picking my calls. I heard that they have been doing this to others too, so I’m speaking out for other upcoming artistes not to fall a victim”, he said.

He continued; I didn’t believe I would fall a victim until I was scammed. I was not happy about it and I felt doing the song was the best way I could express myself. I even involved my lawyer, but nothing came out of it. If I had gone to report to the police, they might not be able to act too. I don’t want to be malicious about it or mention the amount.

The fact is that I paid money for production and to feature Davido. If you pay for a service, it should be delivered. Fresh VDM didn’t even do a production for me. If I had been scammed for featuring Davido alone I would not be this bitter; I would have ignored it,” he said.

He added that though Davido was probably not aware of the business transaction, he doesn’t want a refund but for Davido to jump on his song.

“I am sure Davido was not aware I made any payment. But when I went to Davido’s house, I met him there; I took some pictures too. When the song was dropped, Davido shared it on his Instagram page; so, he is now aware of it. I don’t need my money back; I just want to feature Davido. Davido’s style of music goes with mine; I love him and see him as a role model. If I don’t love him I wouldn’t say I want to feature him. He is not the only artiste in the country. Everyone has their strength, but I prefer Davido to Wizkid or Olamide”, he concluded.


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