Girl inside singer Peruzzi’s leaked intimate video, finally speaks. She says she regrets her actions and also having bad friends.

In quite a lengthy speech, she wrote, “The past few days have been some of the most challenging and traumatic days of my life following the invasion of my privacy of my supposedly friends. I have taken note of the diverse comments that trailed the pictures posted on the social media and I’m most grateful to the intelligent and discerning social media users who were quick to note the evil and mischievous intentions of my so called friends which were borne out of envy while their own pandora box is full of flint.

Girl In Peruzzi’s Leaked Intimate Video, Finally Speaks

“I am however deeply sorry for the pain and trauma this has caused my respectable parents and member of my family. I have admittedly learnt some hard facts of life which have marked a turning point in my life , among which are: that, though in life, everyone has his or her own Dirty Dark secrets(DDS) but it is a secret shared that is a secret exposed.

Girl In Peruzzi’s Leaked Intimate Video, Finally Speaks

“Second is Do not ever trust any friend enough to expose all your secrets too. The third, is the choice of friends that either make or mar your destiny. Fourth is, why trying to live your age and time, do not allow yourself to be consumed by your passion and interest which gives you soo much excitement because it could also be your source of pain and trouble

Girl In Peruzzi’s Leaked Intimate Video, Finally Speaks

“And to my SO CALLED FRIENDS I like to remind them that everyone has his or her own destiny. They cannot change God’s program and timetable for my life, what they thought they’ve done it’s just a pause but not the fullstops of my life, they shall live to see the glory of God manifest in my life. Thank you for your time, I remain your good girl TOBI JACOBS”.


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