Popular Zimbabwean pastor, Uebert Angel says his father told him that God never told women to love their husbands.

In an open letter to men shared on Instagram, the clergyman said women are the ones that are meant to be loved in marriages not men.

Read his letter below,

God NEVER told a WOMAN to LOVE you as a HUSBAND. There is no such instruction in the bible. BUT he told you the HUSBAND to ‘LOVE your WIFE as Christ loves the church’. In short WOMEN were created to be LOVED that’s why when they don’t receive LOVE they MALFUNCTION… .
Now as a side note I am very aware of Titus 2:5 and Ephesians 5:25 so let me further educate nay sayers on these verses that they can use as their support base. DON’T MISS ONE POINT …. APOSTLE PAUL in Ephesians 5:25 says LOVE YOUR WIVES that’s to husbands and to women he says they should be TAUGHT to LOVE in Titus 2:5 which is a profound sign of the inability to ‘LOVE’ HUSBANDS without being taught by those who are OLDER how men receive whatever we call ‘LOVE’ in marriage. Their ability to give it to the men is predicated upon OLDER women TEACHING them as Titus 2:5 says. It can’t come naturally. It is predicated upon who a man is as he has been understood by experiential learning from OLDER women… DON’T MISS THIS POINT, men receive respect and submission as LOVE and contrary teachings have made DIVORCE in CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES hike to 50% that’s around the same figure as SECULAR MARRIAGES!


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