Herdsmen Post Their Photos On Facebook Of Woman They Stole Her Phone  


Two herdsmen who allegedly stole the phone of a woman while she was working on her farm, have posted their photos on her Facebook wall.

The woman, Mrs Deborah Mbi, was left in shock after she discovered that her Facebook page has been flooded with photos of the men she claimed attacked her in 2020 on her farm in Adamawa state.

According to SaharaReporters, on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, the herdsmen who allegedly robbed Mbi posted pictures of themselves on her Facebook wall with one of the pictures showing cattle in the background.

The herdsmen had taken pictures with her phone and uploaded them on her Facebook wall, not bothering to open their own Facebook account.

Some of her friends who were surprised to see the strange pictures posted on Mbi’s Facebook wall asked her how they came about and she narrated that she was robbed on her farm by the young men who were “not smart enough to open their Facebook account”.

“Don’t mind the idiots! They forcefully collected my phone last year and are not smart enough to open their own Facebook account. Though l think they are daring me. The Fulani man thinks he owns this country and can do anything,” she said in her reaction to one of the comments

“Thieves,” she added.

She, however, did not say if she reported the incident to the police or why she did not report if that was not done.


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