Most people are saddled with the questions of “How to cope with a stubborn partner” Well it’s very difficult to deal with stubborn people whether it’s girlfriend/boyfriend/sister/brother as I am one of them so I know this thing very well.

So here are some point –

1. Start with a bit of flattery. One of the reasons that stubborn people are the way they are is because they hate to be wrong. They think that they know the best way to do everything, and therefore, they may be a bit sensitive when they are told that there are other ways to do things. So, when you talk to your girlfriend, try to make them feel good about themselves by offering them a bit of flattery first. Just make sure it’s sincere and that it doesn’t sound like you’re just sucking up to get your way.

2. Show that you value their opinions. Another thing you have to do to deal with stubborn people is to acknowledge their positions and show them that they really have a great idea. Don’t make them think that their idea is completely stupid, invalid, or poorly thought-out (even if you feel that way), or their chances of listening to you will be approaching 0%.

3. Don’t tell them that they’re wrong. The last thing that a stubborn person wants to hear is that he or she is flat-out wrong. Don’t ever say, “You’re not looking at this correctly,” or “You just don’t get it, do you?” And definitely don’t say, “How could you be so wrong?” This will alienate the person and make him or she shut down completely. Make it clear that he or she has some great ideas and that you have considered them carefully. They may be right for another time or situation, but right now, you’d like to do what you want to do. Make that very clear.

4. Give them information. Stubborn people are also afraid of the unknown. They may not want to do something simply because they’ve never done it before or because they’re not used to breaking their routine. The more you can tell them about the situation, the better they will feel about it.

5. Show them why it’s important to you. If the stubborn person cares about you, then he or she will be persuaded just by hearing why the things you want would mean so much to you. This will help them see the situation on a human level, and they will see that it’s about more than about being wrong or right, but about giving you what you really want and need. If you’re in a relationship with this person, then helping them see why this would make you happy is a great move.

6. Remind them that it’s your turn. If you’re used to dealing with this particular stubborn person, then chances are, you have given in again and again. It’s time to put your foot down and remind the person of all of the things you have given up for him or her, whether it’s big or small. You can do this without making them feel horrible, but you can really show them the big picture and let them see that it’s time that you got what you wanted.

7. Negotiate or compromise. You may not be able to get what you want completely, but you may be able to get the stubborn person to meet you halfway. Compromising or negotiating with the person can help you persuade him to do what you want to do without fully giving in. If the person is truly stubborn, then baby steps may be the way to go, and you won’t be able to convince the person to follow your plan overnight.

8. Stay calm. If you really want to deal with a stubborn person and even have a chance of getting your way, then you can’t let your emotions get the best of you. If you start getting visibly upset or even angry, then the person will think that he won, because you can’t keep yourself in check. Take deep breaths, slow down, or even leave the room for a few minutes if you see yourself getting heated. The stubborn person will be much more likely to listen to you if you look calm and collected, not angry or crazed.

I Hope You find Solution on How to cope with a stubborn partner. You don’t need Good Luck!



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