RR: Can we meet you ?

Emily. :I am Oluwatoyin Anjorin, known as Emily.

RR: Where did you grow up ?

Emily.: I grew up in Ondo state.

RR: When did you start modeling?

Emily. I started modeling in 2018.

RR: Who was the first to believe in you ?

Emily.: My friends were the first to believe in me.

RR: What are the challenges you have faced so far ?

Emily: Resources as locations,and means of travel and costumes

RR: If you have the opportunity to change anything in the modeling world what would that be ?

Emily: That will be supporting the upcoming models and helping them achieve their dreams and also encouraging the African models that they are who they are,they don’t need to change anything about them in other to fit into lime light

RR: Who is your. Role model ?

Emily: My role model is Jackie Appiah.

RR: How do you draw inspiration from Jackie Appiah?

Emily: Her love and confidence for her skin color

RR: What makes you different from other models ?

Emily: Me being a model is not really for me but for the encouragement of African women and also to voice their thoughts

RR: What are your thoughts on nude models ?

Emily: It’s a matter of choice,I can’t condemn anybody,as far as they are okay with it

RR: One word for your fans

Emily: Don’t let anybody tell you what do do,be free with yourself,embrace your dreams and focus.

RR: Advice for upcoming models

Emily: Let’s keep on doing what we can do best





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