I Don’t Trust Nigerian Politicians – Burna Boy Rejects Sowore’s Planned Protest


Famous Nigerian artiste, Burna Boy has turned down a solicitation by previous presidential applicant, Omoyele Sowore to join the cross country fight on October 1.

Sowore on Tuesday night tweeted at Burna kid to join the RevolutionNow challenge President Muhammadu Buhari’s legislature and act like Fela Kuti.

His tweet read:

“Hi @burnaboy, wherever I turn individuals depict you as a progressive performer, the unfamiliar media even praise you, contrast you with Fela Kuti, however I am yet to see you lead anybody to a police headquarters conveying a casket for head of state! Join #Oct1stProtest #RevolutionNow.”

Nonetheless, Burna Boy outrightly dismissed his offer, saying he would not like to be important for Sowore’s ‘plans’.

As per him, all Nigerian lawmakers were the equivalent and he doesn’t confide in anybody, including Sowore.

“Sowore well, I am NOT FELA. I have said that on many occasions. Be that as it may, you sir, are a legislator. Keep me separate from your plans.

“Everyone is a Fela fan and ally since he is dead. People are so amusing, you legislators are ALL the equivalent (particularly in Nigeria) and Frankly I don’t confide in none of you.@YeleSowore,” Burna tweeted.


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