Invictus Obi – How I Was Introduced To Fraud


Nigerian fraudster Obinwanne Okeke, prevalently known as Invictus Obi, has explained how he got into fraudulent activities.

The anonymous friend, according to Okeke, had three new vehicles and was living serenely in a “colossal house”.


“When at his house I noticed him on a website that was selling crypto and bank logins,” Okeke told crime journalist David Pright.

“I asked him about the website and he showed me that he buys bank and crypto logins from there and easily withdraws above $20,000 at a time, that’s how he was funding his lifestyle.

“In 15 minutes he demonstrated it to me and from there I tried it myself when I got home. After successfully doing my first transfer so easily it was hard to stop after that. From there I got introduced to other money-making schemes that got me where I am today.”


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