More Trouble For Teni’s As Her Alleged Tribal Comment On Erica Generates ‘Twitter War’


Teni in one of her recordings, while communicating her adoration for Laycon stated, “Eyin Omo Igbo” which signifies “You Igbo People” “Won ti sepe fu Laycon” signifying “they have reviled/energized Laycon”

Teni likewise asked ‘Omo Igbos’ to disregard Laycon.

A few Nigerians via web-based media are currently of the view that the ‘extremely rich person’ vocalist was concealing Erica.

This has prompted such an ancestral war on Twitter with individuals from the eastern aspect of the nation alluding to Teni as a tribalist.

Different people felt that the artist’s announcement was innocuous and that there was nothing incorrectly in calling an Igbo individual ‘Omo Igbo’.


“Teni you don’t address Erica as “Omo Igbo”. Same way I don’t expect Rita Dominic or any Igbo celeb to address Laycon as “Onye ofe mmanụ”. Try not to be troublesome as you continued looking for votes. ”


“The importance of omo lgbo is basically lgbo young lady so what is awful about it and what is speculative?


“Above all else, she has a name, her name is Erica, that ought to be sufficient portrayal for an individual realized that much. The extra “omo Igbo” is superfluous, smells of tribalism. Simply come to your meaningful conclusion without the tag, simply thinking if she somehow managed to state something pleasant, would she review to include tag?


“Teni called Erica “Omo Igbo,” you are blowing up on the grounds that this is Twitter. Disconnected, individuals call individuals “Omo igbo” “Aboki” “Alhaja” and so forth, and we as a whole live in harmony yet once it’s Twitter, all of you are moving distraught and idiotically touchy on the grounds that you have 10mb information. Oshisco.”


“It isn’t the significance of a word that is the issue however the tone and the specific circumstance. I scorn that Omo Igbo with enthusiasm, Yorubas use it in a censorious way.”


“No one will see anything incorrectly in Teni tending to Erica as “Omo Igbo” however on the off chance that an Igbo celeb like Genevieve Nnaji addresses Laycon as “Onye ofe mmanụ” in a solidarity video for Erica simply like Teni did, there will be shock all over the place. Misleading parcels!


“In the event that you think Teni saying omo igbo is belittling, I ask that you quit calling outsiders ‘Onyibo individuals’


“On the off chance that you state Teni was curssing by alluding to Erica as ” Omo Igbo” at that point Erica was likewise reviling by calling your preferred housemate ‘chicken drumstick’ we should all revile together.”


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