Nigeria Is Getting Poorer For Getting Loans For Wrong Reasons


The one time vice president canditate who said this during a meeting on Channels Television contended that while it’s anything but a wrongdoing to get cash, the assets should be utilized exclusively for creations that upgrade the existences of the residents and advance the economy.

As per the previous Anambra State Governor, the Nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can’t be developing while individuals are getting more unfortunate.

“Are you borrowing for productivity or are you borrowing for consumption? My worry here is that we are borrowing for consumption.

“I am saying that the country is not productive and there is nothing wrong in borrowing; if you are borrowing, then it shouldn’t be for consumption and that’s why more and more people are getting poorer,” he said.

”Nigeria as a nation needs the kind of growth that will educate the children and provide primary health care for all communities.

“The country must do away with speculative growth that is given media hype without positively affecting the masses,” he added.



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