Nigerian lady warned by landlady over her backside

A Nigerian lady has gotten one of the weirdest form of warnings from her landlady, as she was warned over her backside by the house owner.

The young Nigerian lady identified as ID James took to social media to reveal why her landlady allegedly warned her to stop wearing trousers while she’s within the compound.

According to her, the reason for that is ‘because her backside is said to be distracting the landlord (the woman’s husband)’.

Well, as a respectful lady, she has decided not to wear trousers in the compound again.

The lady wrote on Facebook;

“My landlady almost cried yesterday when she said I should stop wearing trousers while am within the compound, That my backyard is always distracting her husband. As a respectful girl, let me start wearing my skirts before person Papa go die o…”

Nigerian lady warned by landlady over her backside


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