A Nigerian guy has been left to shed tears just few weeks before the end of the year after his apparently aggressive girlfriend burnt his passport which has his Australian visa in it.

According to sources and hearsay, it’s quite hard to cop an Australian visa and the guy’s girlfriend just burnt it like it was a mere piece of paper; the action of the lady really hit the guy that he had no choice than to cry.

A neighbour of his was the one who shared the story on Twitter which led many to the question of “What would you do if it were you?”

The Twitter user shared the story as thus,

Earlier today, I heard noises from the next compound, normally I would pass but I decided 2 [sic] go check out

Turns out my neighbor’s GF intentionally burnt his passport that has Australian visa in it and he’d be traveling in 2 weeks time, Hewas just crying like a baby. I cried too.

Nigerian man cries like a baby after his girlfriend burnt his passport with his Australian visa


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