Sincerely speaking Olamide needs to stop dishing out grossly immoral contents in musical videos

He has been doing it over the years and has been getting away with it, now it is time for him to put a full stop to deliberate production of sexual and drugs laden musical videos.

Few days ago, Olamide posted the full music video of his song, “Wonma” directed by Clarence Peters on his IG TV and it is no different from a p*rnhub nurse sex film.

After so much pressure from different groups of Nigerian Nurses, Olamide was forced to delete the video off his Instagram pages

It’s hard to phantom what made Olamide come to the conclusion of spending money on a video that wouldn’t even be suitable for YouTube let alone for national TV.

What is painful is that, so many upcoming artistes are looking up to him in the music industry and all these sex lyrics and explicit musical videos are nothing but bad examples.


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