One On One With Adesoji Daniel CEO Rowzy Radio
The media company that owns a blog and online radio, will focus mainly on African entertainment and Promoting the young talented artistes in Nigeria hereby helping them reach their peak.

Adesoji Daniel Oluwagbemigun is the CEO of Rowzy Entertainment, owners of RowzyRadio Blog, Platinum Rowzy Shelters Ltd, Rowzadex Autos, Imvelo Trading and Project PTY Ltd (South Africa). We had an amazing session with him and about his media company in Nigeria.

Q What is the drive behind this new channel?

ADESOJI : Rowzy Radio is a one-stop entertainment hub, designed to satisfy the insatiable urge of our audience with the latest entertainment updates, events, sports, and news as it breaks.
Our sole aim is to become the number one entertainment portal in Nigeria spanning Africa and maintaining the number one place in the world of broadcasting. Selling African contents to the world.

Q What should we expect in terms of content?

ADESOJI : To whom much is given, much is expected so we cannot afford to starve our readers of great news and updates so they should expect the best from us.It is not easy to constantly produce content but
We already have loads of content from different writers .There are a lot of exclusive interviews, behind the scenes for our online radio audience We have a lot of African programmes for Africans.

Q: What impact will your channel have on Entertainment In Nigeria?

ADESOJI: we are here to sanitize the entertainment and broadcasting world . We are not here to encourage gossips but to make it better than we met it.

Q: How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

ADESOJI: Improving oneself is a personal decision. We hope to improve our self by building a formidable team of fearless reporters.

Q: Where do you see Rowzy Radio in Five years ?

ADESOJI: We see our self as the next CNN in Africa.

Q: A lot of people think blogging is a sure way to making money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

ADESOJI: Blogging is not as easy as it seems. Serious work, relentless efforts and above all the grace of God is needed to sail the tides in broadcasting. Above all whoever is willing to going into broadcasting must have a good financial strength.

Q. What will be the ratio of global entertainment new to African or Nigerian entertainment news on Rowzy Radio?

ADESOJI: We would be seriously concentrating on African stars, at the same time we won’t let go the international stars, but it will be a ration of 20% to global entertainment news.

Q What benchmark in terms of channel do you want to emulate?
Will Rowzy Radio be doing Soft or hard entertainment news?

ADESOJI: Our slogan says one click entertainment hub meaning we are working at our own pace, we appreciate the works of others so hard or soft news our sole aim is to be a one stop hub for entertainment .


ADESOJI: When we become the CNN in Africa 24/7 entertainment news channel.

by: Adeyemi Badejo

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