Soundcity in panic mode as Wizkid threatens to go crazy on them


Looks like we are about to witness another social media battle, but this time, between Nigerian Singer, Wizkid and popular media house, Soundcity.

Wizkid took to his social media page to cuss out Soundcity,  threatening to ‘go crazy’ on them. The media house representative who sounded a little bit confused, replied by asking him what they have done, but no respond was gotten from the ‘Joro’ crooner.

Wizkid tweets read ;

Soundcity be like God one punish una mama!

Y’all fix up before i go crazy on you guys! You *****

See exchange below ;

The reason for his outrage is unknown and questions are currently being asked on social media as to what the offence of Soundcity could probably is.

Here are some reactions from social media users ;

BLG wrote ;

If Wizkid says God punish Soundcity then….
God punish Soundcity!!!!!
God punish Soundcity!!!!!
God punish Soundcity!!!!!
God punish Soundcity!!!!!
God punish Soundcity!!!!!

Nzube wrote ;

It’d have been wayyy more interesting if Wizkid actually tweeted what Soundcity did instead of just swearing for them and deleting tweet.

Turned us to Sherlock Holmes trying to figure what their fvck up is.

Wilkilz wrote ;

Wizkid called out soundcity? I think it’s about time the world knows what Olamide does behind close doors in uncle tajudeen’s firm, i will drop my mic.

Phalom wrote ;

So Soundcity and Wizkid will not tell us what happened between them. They left us here in suspense since morning like we’re waiting for next season of money heist
It’s not fair oo


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