“Take it or leave it Ighalo did not deny us the victory, The Referee did ” Brainchild



According to history, Nigeria has never won any match against Argentina since 1994. The dream of scaling the hurdle to the next phase was shattered in just few minutes to the stoppage time when Rojo stole the show as a result of the loophole in the Nigerian defense.

The Nigerian side never had the support from referees whenever they play against Argentina. Should we call this a plan work from FIFA ? or a way to deny the African side from moving to the next round ?

We call it a world cup which means only the best team with exceptional performance should win based on merit and not based on who make up the team. Who is Messi that all referees protect him from being tackled? I was expecting red card from the referee and also a penalty but he denied the African side their victory.

I don’t understand how that wasn’t a penalty,” said Nigeria skipper John Obi Mikel.

“For me, it was a clear handball. If you look at the game yesterday, Portugal, that wasn’t even close to this. This was even worse – very open. He headed the ball and it hit his hand.

“Maybe the referee has given the first penalty, he doesn’t want to give the second one. But a penalty is a penalty. If it’s a penalty, you can still give a penalty.

“We’ve seen it again in the dressing room, it was a clear penalty. There wasn’t any way the referee could not give that. He looked at the VAR. I asked him, ‘Did it hit the hand?’ He said ‘Yes’. But why it’s not a penalty…he said he doesn’t know.

Analysis By Brainchild (reporter , musician and a travel blogger)


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