Tega’s. Virgina Smells Like Dead Fish


During a training session, Big Brother’s housemate, Boma told Jaypaul that he feels connected to Tega even though she is married.

This comes a couple of hours after the duo shared a long kiss during the Truth and Dare game on Monday. Boma told Jaypaul that he feels safe around Tega because he is sure nothing will happen because she is married.

He said,

“I can look Tega in the eye and we can just start laughing. What I think and what she thinks always rhymes”.

Same night, Boma and Tega were seen having sex after kissing each other deeply under the duvet. After he (Boma) had cum, he used tissue to wipe off his sperm.

The following day, Boma told Pere that Tega’s vagina smelt like dead fish. Pere passed what Boma told him to Queen and Queen broadcasted it to other housemates.

While on the dining table after the sexcapade, Tega told Boma that he’s behaving like human being because he has released. Boma responded to her, “I still needs to go like 5 more rounds”.


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