Top 10 Kenya Music Videos 2018

Top 10 Kenya Music Videos 2018: Kenyan hip-hop artists are proven 2018 has another year of improving and ready to show the world that they get best lyrics and beats. Now we have chosen the Top 10 best music video in Kenya music industry that will make you love Kenya songs.

Hip Hop is indeed growing in Kenya but we have a long way to even reach the genre’s penetration level as that witnessed in South Africa. Much is needed and a number of artists are doing a commendable job to build the industry.

The Future of Kenyan Hip Hop

Today, with multi-million dollar business deals at stake, hip-hop is no longer just about the music – it has become a marketing vehicle for big corporations. Hip-hop has become more professional – it is a career and an avenue out of poverty. Kenyan hip-hop artists no longer rhyme simply to gain street cred and the respect of their peers. They are daring to get a lot more out of rapping. The world has opened up and what is being produced in Kenya can become a global hit in very little time.  Kenyan hip-hop artists are making their mark on the rest of the world. Female rapper Xtatic, who also honed her skills at WAPI, recently earned herself a record deal with international music giant Sony through their affiliate, RockStar4000. Another popular Kenyan hip-hop group, Camp Mulla, became the first East African group to be nominated for the coveted BET Music Awards in the international category.

Here Are The Best Kenyan Music Videos Of 2018 So Far: 

10. Kagwe Mungai – Super Seena

09. Banembe Jeremie – Yuyu-yu

08. Khaligraph – Hawajui

07. Rosa ft. Naiboi –  Inside

06. Viola Karuri – Nitakungojea

05. H_ ARTTHE BAND – Tena na Tena

04. Otile Brown – Mungu wetu

03. Sauti Sol ft Nyashinski – Short & Sweet

02. Monique x Ketchup – Hold Me

01. Gin Ideal – Shuga


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