It has been identified that not only the men cheat on their girlfriends or wives but some ladies are found also guilty of the same offence.

However, many have questioned why some women would want to cheat on their partners but no reasonable conclusion has been disclosed. Coming to the rescue of many, a young lady recently took to her social media handle to reveal why.

Identified as beejonathan (@blezizyjonathan) on Twitter, the young entrepreneur revealed that the major reason women cheat on their men is because of the economy.

We want to be loyal but the hardship couldn’t allow us – Nigerian lady

Her posts read:

“Most Of us Girls Want To Be Loyal To One Boyfriend But The Hardship In Our Country Couldn’t Allow us And we all aware of that @Gidi_Traffic. The painful truth wit Nigerians is Dat most people can actually read without comprehending a word …sorry for una.”


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