Why Buhari became president in 2015 – Fashola
Minister for power, works and housing, Babatunde Fashola has stated that the failure of the Goodluck Jonathan administration enabled President Buhari to defeat him in 2015.
According to Fashola, the people would not hesitate to re-elect a government that was attending to their needs after years of neglect.
“It is their responsibility now to keep this government in office by re-electing it to do more.
“The reason we had a change of government in 2015 was because the government then was not responding to the needs of majority of Nigerians,” he said.
Fashola went on to express confidence in the coming general elections which he believes will favour this administration due to its works.
“We know that the votes are out there, we know that the people will vote for us because our party has worked very hard even with limited resources to do impossible things.
“We have built bridges, roads and many other things, and we are ready to face the electorate with the results of our works in government,” he said.
Source: Kemifilanisblog


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