Two of Wizkid’s baby mamas, Shola Ogudu and Binta are now best friends after calling him out.

The two baby mamas of Wizkid agree on one thing, that their baby daddy is a deadbeat, and this must have been a trigger to their friendship.

The two mothers who both have sons for the Nigerian superstar have not just followed each other on IG, but now comment on each others pages with endearments and encomiums, each praising the other and apparently making fun of Wizkid’s present favorite, Jada.

Shola who is the first woman to give Wizkid a son had called out Wizkid during her son’s 7th birthday, declaring him a hypocrite and a deadbeat dad, days later, Binta had done the same, saying Wizkid was not a responsible father to her son.

In the midst of the scandal, Jada had debunked their claims, claiming that her baby daddy Ayo, also known as Wizkid is the best dad in the world to their son, Zion.

This had brought Shola and Binta together while Jada has remained in her lane as the present favorite of Wizkid.

Neither Shola nor Binta deemed it fit to celebrate Wizkid on his birthday but of course Mama Zion did.


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