US Rapper, Remy Ma has sparked an online outrage over her comment in which she said women who sue for money after being raped to prostitutes.

Remy Ma said this on the recent episode of Revolt’s State of the Culture in which she discussed the rape allegations against NFL player Antonio Brown with Joe Buden, Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins and attorney Eboni K. Williams.

“This s**t sounds crazy to me,” Remy said. “Every time we here about [an alleged rape], it’s never like it happened this morning, yesterday, [or] over the weekend. It’s always years ago, this happened.”

“It’s all about money because one of the accusers is asking for $2 million,” she said of Brown. “If you raped me, my sister, my daughter, my anything, I don’t want your money, I want you castrated. The things that I want done are crimes.”

Williams however countered her comment by saying that women who seek compensation might be using the money to pay for therapy and other things.

“Could that be compensation though? Because I hear that a lot, ‘if it was a rape, first of all, why are you not going to criminal court? Why are you not going to the police and he’s not arrested?’ [Brown’s] first accuser went the civil route. She filed a lawsuit, she’s asking for money, but some people feel like that’s the compensation that they want.”

“That’s called prostitution,” Remy replied.

“It seem like in a lot of the alleged sexual assault cases, the women are asking for money,” Remy added. “To me, any exchange where sexual acts are being compensated with money, that’s prostitution.”

Budden noted that prostitution involves consent to which Remy replied, “Really? In one instance they’ll be like ‘it was so horrible, he did this to me… but give me $2 million and I’ll go sit over there and I won’t tell anybody.’”


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