World Largest Broom Erected By APC At The City Gate, Abuja, Nigerians React, Says It Is A ‘ Broom That Brings Doom’

Nigerians have taken to social media to express disappointment over the construction of a giant broom in front of the Abuja City Gate.

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) noted that as of Thursday, it wasn’t clear what was being constructed when they began, but afterwards, it turned out to be the broom symbol of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

A Twitter user,‏ @adex0057, uploaded a photograph of the broom taken as on Thursday, and he tagged the Guinness World Records (GWR) in his caption.

The caption read: “WORLD LARGEST BROOM Attention: @GWR This is the Largest Broom anybody or group has ever [erected] anywhere in the world. This is work of some group of volunteers of @OfficialAPCNg . It deserves your recognition and honour. Location: Abuja; Date: 02/07/2019.”

The tweet by @adex0057 was retweeted by Rauf Aregbesola, immediate past Governor of Osun State.

However, the presence of the APC broom has been greeted by anger and in some cases, disappointment.

@dondekojo wrote: “These ones are installing a giant broom in front of a national monument? How insane is this?” while @Shawnife wrote: “These people don’t even rate us again. A huge broom has now been mounted in front of the City Gate.”

While @Biisi96 wrote: “What’s the meaning of this useless broom they are erecting at city gate? So this is the madness they were up to. I was confused as to what it was yesterday evening. But alas it was buffoonery in the making. I’m tired abeg,” while @TheIgboWolf wrote: “The broom doesn’t represent anything to Nigerian or Nigeria. It’s a symbol of a party, just one political party. But it has been mounted at the front of FCT. Again, this country is not for all of us.”

@Waynetipsy_ng tweeted: “#2019elections APC Mounts Gigantic Metal Broom At City Gate, Abuja. The broom allegedly cost a whooping N250million.”

A tweet by @dulzura_2badtz read: “Just a random question from a curious observer… so is this broom a national monument or it’s just for the election purpose and how much was budgeted for this?”

@ify_zoe wrote: “World Largest Broom. You are even tagging Guinness Book of Records without shame. If Buharism isn’t a mental case I wonder what it is,” while a tweet by @NotACoquette read: “The broom that brings doom.”

@Mohd_abdul_’s tweet read: “Going to the FRANCE capital you would see… The ‘EIFFEL TOWER’ but coming to Abuja, the Nigeria capital you would end up seeing the ‘BIG BROOM’”, while @afrispheric wrote: “Imagine driving into the capital city of a country in the 21st century and one of the first things you see is a BROOM. Not a rocket. Not a super computer. Not a freedom fighter. But a dirty looking broom.”


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