The Take It Back Movement has said it is appalled by the violent abduction and detention of its convener, Omoyele Sowore, by the Department of State Services on Saturday.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi, Director, Media and Communications, in a statement on Sunday, said it was angered by the move and would protest the action. 

“While we are angered by the government’s continued insistence on quashing basic human rights, we are not surprised that the tools of governance remain oppression, suppression, injustice and brutality.

“A government with no respect for dialogue, debate or justice has no business leading any group of people, talks much less the most populous, most vibrant African nation,” the statement noted.

The group hailed the consistency of its leader, Sowore, and accused the Nigerian government of taking advantage of state security to repress the voice of the people. 

“When all else have fled, Omoyele Sowore has maintained his commitment to the people of Nigeria – engaging them at the grassroots level while still meeting with community leaders and individuals who are still interested in changing the narrative for Nigeria’s future. He has urged citizens to fight for their fundamental human rights; to demand more from the people they elected, and to have a fair chance at living worthy lives. 

“The APC-led government has responded the only way they know: by utilising the Department of State Services – a department that is meant to be the primary domestic intelligence agency of Nigeria – as their attack dog for harassing and intimidating any individual who opposes them and their debased, corrupt conduct.”

The movement called for Sowore’s unconditional release.

“The Take it Back Movement demand, in no uncertain terms, the unconditional release of Omoyele Sowore. We take this opportunity to make it clear to the old guards that they may arrest one person, but they cannot arrest an idea whose time has come. Globally and nationally, Nigerians and our sympathisers are waking from their slumber and are taking it upon themselves to join the struggle for a Nigeria that works for all. The Buhari government cannot silence this awakening.”



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